Elanic is hosting “Grand Shopping Utsav” a 3-day event on the Elanic app. It will be an event filled with 3 days of shopping, exciting offers, unbelievable discounts and cash prizes!

Start Date: 24th August 2018.

End Date: 26th August 2018.

Buyers love to shop on Elanic because of the wide variety of products that are offered with the help of sellers like you. Each one of you brings unique products and that makes Elanic special. Therefore, we created this special campaign for the sellers where they can showcase their unique products and increase their sale.

The campaign aims to bring in the flavours of Indian Bazaars live on the app and website. We will be bringing the styles similar to the ones available in top 10 bazaars of India on the app. Each product that you list will be classified to a specific bazaar, you can choose the bazaar that you want to list your products in with the help of specific hashtag (#) as mentioned here.

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  • Post products from the categories mentioned in this page only.
  • Post the products with relevant hashtags (#) as mentioned in this page.
  • Your posts with # Hashtags will remain unapproved till 23.08.2018.
  • All the posts with the # Hashtags will be made live on 23.08.2018 and added to the campaign.
  • Usage of hashtag (#) is mandatory for participation or else your items will not be a part of the Utsav.
  • Make sure to use the right hashtag, incorrect hashtags will not be a part of the campaign.

There are 25 awards waiting for you:

Shahensha and Commando are 1 award per bazaar. (total 20)

  • In order to qualify for the above-mentioned awards, the seller needs to have a minimum of 10 listing. Winners will be decided by Elanic.
  • A seller will be disqualified if they fail to fulfill 3 or more orders.
  • Highest seller award minimum number of sales required for qualification is 15.
  • Highest lister award a minimum number of sales required for qualification is 10.
  • For the rest of the awards, the minimum number of sales required for qualification is 5.
  • All the seller awards will be announced 15 days after the campaign is over.

There will be leaderboard boards updated on the app every day so that you can keep a track of your score and the other top contenders you need to beat.

Here is a list of categories that sellers need to stock up for the event.

Tips for sellers: How to prepare for Grand Shopping Utsav.

Grand Shopping Utsav Awards

In case you are not an Elanic seller yet, there couldn't be a better time for you to become one. All you have to do is download the app and follow these steps.

If you are new to the idea of online selling or have inquiries regarding “Grand Shopping Utsav”, kindly contact us at

Happy Selling!