7 Tips To Slay At Work!

Boss Queen, Go-Getter, Woman Entrepreneur.. Is this how you see yourself? Well, it's time to make others see you this way too.
We know you don't need advice from anyone but here are a few tips on how you can make heads turn at your workplace:

1) Get Comfortable:

If you want to look powerful, you need to feel powerful. That ain't going to happen if you walk around in clothes that make you awkward, will it? Wear clothes that feel like your second skin and go slay it.

2) Let Your Body Do The Talking:

Slouchy shoulders, shuffling feet and a grumpy expression does not a confident person make. Square your shoulders, pull your chin up and walk like you own the world. Oh, and don't forget your killer smile.

3) A Brand Affair:

Now, we aren't asking you to spend all your money on brands but it is mandatory to invest in a few. Nothing says ''Sophisticated'' like a fancy brand. So buy yourself a Prada handbag or a Michael Kors watch and drop them a subtle hint about your pay cheque.

4) Bare Necessities:

Everyone has their own unique style but it is mandatory to possess a few wardrobe essentials that will take your power dressing to another level. A crisp white shirt, a smart blazer, go-to accessories and red lipstick is a must.

5) Keep It Fancy:

Being the entrepreneur that you are, you hardly go anywhere without your laptop and diary, do you? So, make a statement with that too. Invest in a classy laptop case and a cool diary to look fabulous even while you are busy with meetings.

6) Stand Tall:

A pair of heels in black and nude are a must. Walk like a boss in a pair of sky high heels and reach a little closer to the top. Don't forget to always keep your heels, head and standards high.

7) Confidence Level-100:

Listen to some Beyonce and get your mojo on. No matter how fancy your dress or how beautiful your make up, if you aren't confident, you cannot make a statement. Be sure of who you are and show yourself some love.

It's time to rule the world. Go get 'em, girl!