9 things from the 90's that are back in style!

1) Ripped Jeans:

''Let em' rip'' seems to be the mantra again as ripped jeans are back with a bang. From slightly distressed to thoroughly ripped, these jeans are everywhere.
What is your kind?

2) Retro Sunglasses:

Going all out is always the way to go with retro sunglasses. It can instantly glam up your entire outfit. No wonder it keeps comin' back!

3) Checkered Shirts:

Who says only men can carry off checkered shirts? Ladies in the 90's carried it off splendidly and now the girls of our generation seem to be doing a great job of it, too.

4) Denims:

Denim jackets, denim shirts, denim skirts and denim on denim. These seem to trending once again. It clearly shows that when it comes to denim, too much is never OTT.

5) Crop Top:

This is one trend nobody seems to get enough of. Whether it's cropped tees, tops or shirts, they are one helluva package. Crop it like it's hot, girl!

6) Leggings:

Leggings are comfort and style put together in one amazing deal. Who wouldn't want to strut around in pants that look good and feel good?
Bright or sober, printed or plain, you can take your pick.

7) Boots:

'' I like big boots and I cannot lie'' seems to be back as an anthem. You don't have to be a tomboy to wear them. Pastel boots can cater to the girly-girl in you.

8) Jumpsuits:

Say goodbye to the pain of matching your top to your pants. Jumpsuits give you the easy way out and in style. Probably that's why it's always been a favorite.

9) Midi Skirts:

Dainty, feminine and oh-so-pretty, women love these midi skirts. Our older generations loved them too. Wear it with a crop top and stilettos to look all dolled up.

Which is your favorite 90's style?