How To Walk Away With A Steal Deal On Elanic!

Steal Deal: When someone gets an item or thing for a very low price he/she could say ''That's a steal deal!''
Source: Urban Dictionary

How many times have you placed a dress back on the shelf after seeing the price tag? How many times have you walked past a pair of shoes because there was no discount tag attached to it? Quite a few times, right? But on Elanic, there is no turning back without buying what you want because every deal is a 'steal' and we are going to tell you how to walk away with one.

1. Keep your eyes on the Featured section: All the best profiles with the best products, best pictures and the best prices are specially featured on the app. We do all the work for you because we want you to have the best. All you have to do is make sure that you stay up to date with the Featured profiles.

2. Shop from handpicked curations: If one day in the middle of the night, you have the sudden urge to shop for handbags, don’t panic, we have got your back. Shop from our collections to make sure that you choose only from the best and eventually get the best.

3. Watch out for ‘Offers for You’: Cashbacks, Free Delivery, Coupon codes, that’s totally our thing. The 'Offers for You' Section will keep surprising you with exclusive offers, just don’t miss out on them and you’re good to go.

4. Stay updated on Social media: Our Facebook and Instagram page is all about Contest alerts, App updates, Giveaways and Elanic office stories. If you ever need a reason to shop, hit our social media handles and no time, you will be back on the app looking for a crop top or a pair of wedges.

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Keep these things in mind and you will be walking away with a ‘steal deal’ like a bawsss.

Love, Elanic.