Meet Zedora- Elanic Seller Stories

Elanic is less about us and more about you. It's our users who make us who we are.

So we bring to you #SellerStories where we put the spotlight on our most successful sellers. They know how to sell like a boss and we can easily call them the stars of Elanic!

Today's story is about a young, smashing seller who's wardrobe is a favorite for many on Elanic. Read more to find out about what makes her click.
Psst.. This is also a great chance for you to pick up a few tips!

Presenting: Zedora the explorer.

1) Give us a sneak peak into who you are:

My name is Tania a.k.a. Zedora. I'm studying Architecture and I also work for Red Bull. I hate to admit that I'm a compulsive shopper. Some people eat away their feelings, while I spend mine. Or maybe I do both. Either way, I think my life balances out that way. You gain some, you lose some. And on this app I think the gains are abundant!
Which brings me to this: If I can buy more things from the money I earn through purging, it is definitely a step in the right direction and I love Elanic for making this possible.

2) Where did you come across Elanic?

I remember rummaging through my wardrobe one day to find the perfect dress for a party and ending up creating a huge mess in my room. That's when it hit me that I have too many things that I never use. I googled ''Online Shopping Apps'' and Elanic happened to be right on top. It's a total life saver!

3) What about Elanic bewitched you?

I got hooked the day I sold my first product, which I never expected in the first place because it was all so new to me. I remember feeling a wonderfully strange satisfaction which I am sure my fellow sellers are aware of.

4) How rich did you get from selling on Elanic?

I've made around Rs. 40,000 by selling on Elanic, if I'm not wrong. And I've spent fairly the same amount buying things on the app. I absolutely love the products people sell. The sellers who give amazing deals on branded products are my favorite kind of people!

5) What can we expect to find in your closet?

Pretty much everything. Clothes, Bags, Toys, Books, Accessories, you name it and I sell it!

6) Have you socialized on Elanic?

I attended a Community meetup at Coffee on Canvas where I met the Elanic team as well as a few lovely sellers from the app. We knew each other by our closet names which was actually quite funny but it obviously felt good to be recognized through an app and to make friends over some coffee!

7) What's your most favorite purchase from Elanic?

My favorite purchase would be The People Blazer from @AKANKSHA2806's closet. It got so many compliments!

8) Give some expert advice to the new sellers:

Good pictures make all the difference!

9) Bouquets and brickbats for the app

You guys are and will always be awesome. I've already expressed how much I love the app so that goes without saying. But improve the iOS version of the app, please? I recently upgraded my phone and it is so different from the Android version.

10) Pearls of wisdom to the Elanic community:

Work hard so you can shop harder!

Tania's statements are actual proof that one amazing app can change your life.

We would like to thank her for sharing her journey with us and we hope she continues to spread some Elanic love!

Check out her closet for selling inspiration and also for some really cool products at amazing discounts.

Closet name: Zedora