Packaging 101

How many covers or paper bags do you have lying around at home from all your shopping sprees? How many unread newspapers do you have on you shelf?

Well, you can now do something with it. You and us have been helping this world quite a bit by giving a new home to pre-owned and so, we thought ''Why not help further? Why not package products with existing material rather than new?''

We know that you will be game because you care about this world as much as we do.

Here are few ways to pack well:

1) Choose the right kind of packaging:

If it’s undamageable products like clothes or accessories, plain old covers will do the trick.

However, if its something bigger and breakable, choose a box that is one size bigger than your product. Do you know the feeling when you try to fit into a pair of really skinny jeans and later, you get scarred for life? It’s kind of the same here. So opt for bigger boxes.

2) Choose the right filling:

Be like an over possessive boyfriend and do not give your item the space to move around. Select something like shredded paper or even newspaper and stuff the box with it.This way, there's added protection, keeping your item safer.

If your item is fragile, you can go one step ahead and neatly wrap it in bubble wrap. That way, if it falls, it will be the bubble wrap that pops and not your item.

3) Choose the right tape:

Taping it up is necessary. There's no point of packaging it if its not tightly closed. Choose some thick tape with a strong adhesive and close the box properly. Same goes if you have packed your stuff in a plastic cover, just neatly cello tape it to ensure its neatly closed.

If you ever need help with the tape, you could always read the escapades of Mr.Grey for some expert advice.

Once you are done, you can go ahead and congratulate yourself. You became so much more self sufficient and helped Mother Earth breathe a little more.
Yay you!