Get your posts approved like a pro!

We love that you love selling on our app. We appreciate the effort you take while uploading your stuff.

We want to immediately approve it but sadly, sometimes (just sometimes), the much awaited happy ending doesn't arrive. Your listing does not get approval and you are left with the question of ''Why?''.

So, to make it easier and clear out the confusion, here's our rule book to help you out:

Scenario 1:

Your product is banned,banned,banned!

Though we want you to sell it all, there are some things that technically cannot be allowed. It might be illegal, dangerous, a tad bit inappropriate or lacking the approval of our Elanic bosses.
Before you decide to list it, do ensure you check out our List of Prohibited Items. It will save you some precious time.

Scenario 2:

Don't fake it, be original.

Michael Kors, Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Guess.. drool worthy, aren't they?
Well, big brands do bring in big bucks, but not if they are fake. If you have valid proof that your products are 100% original (like you), then yay! If not, it's a big no-no.

Scenario 3:

Size does matter.

Our FAQ clearly states that anything which fits in a box can be sold on Elanic, but we see you uploading some really big stuff (awesome stuff, really, but a tad too big).
By boxes, we mean the 30 cm x 30 cm kind and not the kind that can accommodate an anaconda. You get it, right?

Scenario 4:

Picture (Im)perfect

We understand that not everyone is great with pictures. but we do expect some good ones.
No matter how beautiful your product, if your picture doesn't do justice to it, what is the point? Experiment with your camera (not just for selfies) and click some cool pictures of your products. You can do this!

If your listing gets rejected, don't be dejected. Just follow our mantra and we promise you, you will find your happy ending!