The Perfect Price

Isn't it a great feeling when you decide to sell your stuff? So you get onto the Elanic app and start listing when the big question arrives: How much do you price it for?

On one hand, you know that overpricing it is going to get you nowhere but on the other hand, such a pretty thing deserves more, doesn't it? Decisions, decisions.

But, don't you worry child, we are here to help you out:

Discounted prices:

Price your items at 60% discount because who doesn't love discounts? The more reasonable your prices, the higher the chances of it selling. If somebody wants to buy Zara or Vero Moda for 4,000 bucks, then they would be heading to the actual website. So, make it value for money.

Get it right the first time:

Did you know that the visibility of your product is highest during the first week? Most people think of pricing it high and then reducing it when people negotiate. But, it doesn't work that way.
Be smarter and price it well at the first go itself. Your product will be in the spotlight, your price will be good and people will buy it. It's a win-win!

Purchase Price vs. Selling Price:

When you are keying in the price, you have an option of putting in the purchase price as well. Choose that option. That way, people will be able to automatically see the discount percentage.
Once they see, they will know what a sweet deal you are giving them.

Make Amazing Combos:

Just think about it. Your closet is so awesome that people want to buy not just one, but multiple products from you. Soak in the glory and make combos of your Buyer's favorite products. They get to buy more, you get to sell more. Woot woot!

Psst.. Just make sure you read up our ''Return Policy'' before going ahead with this.

Think from Buyer's perspective:

Put yourself in the Buyer's shoes. How much would you pay for that product? Whatever number comes to your mind, that's the number you should price it at. It has to be so paisa vasool,they should feel like buying it ASAP!

If you have already done the above, yay!
If you haven't, time to head to your Elanic closet, maybe?