Tips To Create Award Winning Listings

How many pictures do you click in order to get the perfect selfie?
A million ? More like a gazillion!
You are a pro at taking selfies and things like selfie-sticks are for the weak-hearted. You can take the perfect selfie amidst a duel. So why not bring your selfie mojo in creating award winning listings?

Here are few tricks of the trade :

1.Lighting is God

Your eyebrows would not be on Fleek in poor lighting, would they? Similarly, find the perfect lighting for your pictures to make your listings pop.

2.Find the right angle

The golden rule of selfies is to Find the right angle to showcase that million dollar pout. Apply the same while clicking pictures of your products, if hanging the products does not make the cut, do a floor mash-up,model it or turn your Bff into a model.

3.Add a few props

Selfies look perfect with a few props, add a few props to your products as well. If you are uploading a dress, add a pair of shoes to up the oomph.


Editing apps are the best thing that happened to the human race since sliced bread. Use them to crop out unnecessary elements crimping your style in the pictures.

5.Bring your A game on

You swear by go big or go home, Don’t you? Ditto for your listings, go that extra mile to set your listings apart

Congratulations! You have successfully graduated the listings on Elanic 101. Go ahead create award winning listings on Elanic!